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We need to talk about Instagram

I've used the platform for years. You never think you would be the target of a hacker....until you are. My original Instagram page: pensandpositivityart was taken by a hacker on Sunday 22nd May. For the first week, I filed report after report and tried to liaise with Instagram to gain control of my account (the hacker changed all my details, email, and number and blocked me so not only do I have no access to the account but I also have no idea what the hacker is doing). I have, at present filed over 70 reports.

I have provided countless verification codes, selfie videos, and photographs of me holding my passport and all I receive back is an automated response that they can't review my report due to Covid-19 or high numbers of reports from others.

A quick delve into a Google search about hacking on Instagram shows that there is a major problem with criminals operating on the platform and Instagram's lack of accountability to act when they are made aware of a security breach. 

There is no contact to speak to a person, the telephone number is automated, the emails are automated and the 'help' page isn't any help when the steps you are told to follow can then not be reviewed due to overwhelming reports of account thefts and cybercrime. 

I promptly placed warnings on my other Social media platforms to try and protect other people and have encouraged people to report/block the account.

Conclusion and action:

I will continue to file reports and attempt to claim my page back, if only to delete it and stop the hacker from doing wrong with it. Please feel free to visit/report/block the page: pensandpositivityart in the hope that Instagram might stop the hacker from doing further harm.

I have set up a new Instagram account in the meantime (pens_and_positivity_art). You can click on the Instagram icon anywhere on my website or other socials and it will take you to my new/secure page. Please follow it so you can keep up to date with any progress/news/updates.

The support and kindness has been huge. I am incredibly grateful. 

Cherelle xx

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