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30 days in nature.......are you up for the challenge?

I am a strong believer of the benefits that being outdoors can have on our minds and bodies. I know that life is busy and time is precious and it's hard to think of activities on the spot.

I made this set of cards to make getting outside easy.

This set contains 30, 4x6 Nature activity cards, each with a fun prompt on the front, surrounded by pretty illustrations.
You can use them as you wish pick a random card when planning a day out, try to do one a day for a month for self-care or choose one as and when you find the time over the course of the year...There is no right or wrong way!

The reverse is left blank so that you can write down a little reminder of the fun you had - almost like a diary you could say.

They come on a cotton drawstring bag and would make the most wonderful gift or memento to document nature fun with your family or to keep as a reminder of your adventures in the wild.

There is no right or wrong way to use them.....the only important thing is to have fun!

Nature activity cards - 30 Days in nature - Family activity

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