Sparkly Magpies Art Print - Folk style illustration
Mixed media hare illustration - Folk nature art
Illustrated foraging herb information cards

Hello! I am Cherelle George. I'm a painter and illustrator with a passion for nature and creating positive outlooks. 

The beautiful estuary shoreline that i call home!
Embroidery hoop painting of a cute bumblebee in the light of the moon!
Illustrated moon phase cards

- N a t u r e -

We are blessed to live in a beautiful part of the UK just a fraction inland from the coast on the Suffolk border. We have the sea a stone's throw away and we are surrounded by open fields, woodlands and estuary riverbanks. As well as being perfect for seeking inspiration, I feel that getting out into the heart of nature, away from technology and artificial light and noise is truly the best remedy for the soul. I eat, breathe and sleep for nature. The wonderful thing about nature is that it can be found everywhere when you know where to look.


The last thing that really drives me is positive thinking. We live in a hectic time where we are rushing about with more and more commitments, deadlines and demands. We don't have time to slow down and rest. We have the pressures of social media. It's too easy to forget to take care of our own selves when life can feel just so non stop busy. I have found that when my home is dotted with reminders to slow down and seek time in nature it triggers me to take time out.  I also think that having positive affirmations and symbols in front of you can sometimes be the gentle hug or the reassuring reminder that you can do whatever you want to do and be whoever you want to be in this world and that you owe it to yourself to make choices that are in your best interests.

- M y  S t o r y -

From the very beginning of what I can remember I have been driven to make and create. Pinching the heads off the roses in my mum and dad’s garden and grinding it up to make ‘perfume’ and stirring up big oil drums of mud and water and adding a pinch of pine needles to make the most fabulous of mud pies.


I left school and I qualified as a beautician and makeup artist. I loved colour, shading and painting faces but I soon realised that the drive to make people happy was really what drove me. So I had a career change and I started working with adults with learning disabilities and complex health/mental health needs. Turned out I was pretty good at that job and I climbed the ranks to a senior role with ease and I learned and laughed a lot along the way because I was truly happy with my job. The only thing that I missed was a creative outlet. That creative pang grew bigger after a few years and I couldn’t ignore it anymore and so I started working in the therapy side of the company...teaching the individuals who lived in the facility how to use a loom, weave, sew and embroider. I loved it but it was part-time and I needed more hours so I returned to the care side of the company and landed a managerial position.


In time I decided to start a family and at 36 weeks pregnant I left for maternity leave with the intention of returning to work when my son was 3 months old. I filled the time I had when he was tiny with drawing, painting and creating. I shared my work with friends. They encouraged me to share it publicly and I set up this page. My son had a few health complications and my return to work date was repeatedly pushed back. Then when he was 6 months old I resigned. Every spare minute was put into learning techniques, practising and doing art lessons online.


Then in April of 2017, I threw caution to the wind, set up an online shop and started selling my work. This job is perfect. It gives me an excuse to spend time immersed in nature, observing the local wildlife and the fact that the positive affirmations i create can make someones day just a little bit brighter makes me happy!


Keep going, keep growing art print.
If you want to fly, give up the things that weigh you down art print.
Blessed are the curious art print.
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- P O S I T I V I T Y -